Violife - Slices with Herbs Flavor


Cheese alternative in slice-flavored herbs;

Content: 200 g / 10 slices; PHE: 0.0 mg

Violife is vegan cheese tastes the tastiest kind! Violife slices are the perfect treat for anyone looking for an alternative to cheese. The Violife slices fit very well on bread and rolls, but are also very delicious.

Ingredients: water, unhardened vegetable oil 23% (coconut), potato starch, stabilizer: modified starch, sea salt, sodium citrate, herbs (thyme, oregano) vegan flavors (contain mustard and celery), polyphenols, coloring: beta-carotene

Nutritional value per 100g:

Carbohydrates 20.0 g; of which sugar 0 g,

Fat 23.0 g

Phenylalanine: 0.0 mg

Energy: 285 kcal / 1190 kJ





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